Remember, all events are designed to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles for our kids.  None are adult boot camp-style activities!
Ages 7-70+ you CAN do this!
  • Maze Runner- navigate a maze blindfolded following the instructions of another team member or participant
  • Walk the Plank- build a bridge using tires , boards and rope and navigate it!
  • Batting Ball- Batting pinball style- earn points for hits to various portions of the field
  • Shoot Around-  Try to Make a few baskets... we'll be using the kid's hoop!
  • Outdoor Fitness/Obstacle Course
  • Football Frenzy-  Throw a football through a hoop and kick over a goal
  • Quick Change Relay
  • Navigate 100 ft. with a ball held between two competitors
  • Frenzy Relay- Jump (or clear) rope, Hula Hoop, Throw "donut" Frisbee, etc.
2017 Fun-A-Thon
When: 09/30/2017 at 1:00-4:00 pm
Where: Boys & Girls Club of Vista
410 W. California Ave.
Vista, CA
United States

Contact: Ellen Clark